my work


Software Engineer / Developer Relations, 2023

I joined Whop as a Developer Support in early 2023, and transitioned to a Software Engineer role in the Developer Relations team a few months later.

  • I worked closely with the developer community, helping them integrate the Whop API and build applications on top of the platform. I was responsible for writing documentation, as seen at, creating sample applications, and providing technical support to developers.
  • I also contributed to the Whop platform, building new features using React, TypeScript, and GraphQL, as well as Ruby on Rails for the backend.

Polar Automations

Founder, Software Engineer, 2022 - 2023

I founded Polar Automations in late 2022 to help sneaker resellers acquire limited edition sneakers and apparel.

  • I build a web application using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Firebase to help users track inbound and outbound shipments. It would also notify users whenever there was an update to their shipment.
  • Alongside this, I build a CLI desktop application using Python that would automate the process of authorizing payments from multiple bank accounts.
  • At the peak of the project, we had over 200 paying customers. Due to school and other commitments, I decided to sunset the project in mid 2023. At that point, I had tracked over 15,000 shipments and processed over £650,000 on behalf of our customers.
  • After announcing the sunset, a competitor purchased the source code and acquired the customer base.

Aftermarket Arbitrage

Software Engineer, 2021 - Present (Freelance)

I was hired by Aftermarket Arbitrage to build a Discord Bot that would scrape data from Amazon and analyse it to find profitable products to resell.

  • I build the bot using Python and Firebase. It would scrape data in real-time, and store it in a Firestore database.
  • Once the data was stored, the bot would analyse it to find products and notify the user via Discord.
  • The bot was a success and has helped users make six-figures in profit since its launch.
  • There is no active development on the project, but I still provide support and maintenance.