freelance projects

Below are some of the freelance projects I have worked on. Due to the nature of the work, I am unable to disclose the names of the clients publically, but I am happy to discuss them in more detail in private.

  • Contracted to create a website for a company that teaches people stock trading. It allowed users to view specific stocks that met criteria set by the company. It also contained different risk calculators that helped users understand the possible outcomes of their trades
  • Built using Next.js, Typescript, and Tailwind CSS, and deployed to Vercel

  • Developed a website for a local grass-roots football club that allowed them to take registrations for their annual tournament.
  • The application was built using Next.js, Typescript, and Tailwind CSS, and was deployed to Vercel. It used a MySQL database to store the registrations.
  • Connected to Stripe for payments

  • Implemented a custom authentication system in React with support for email and password, as well as Whop OAuth.

  • Created a "Whop App" using Next.js, Typescript, and Tailwind CSS that allowed users to generate a license key for a chrome extension

  • Build an API using Python and FastAPI that would take incoming links, scrape data from the page, and return a new link with UTM parameters
  • The API would store the original link and the new link in a Redis cache, stopping the need to scrape the same page multiple times, which saved on resources and time.
  • Load tested the API using custom Python scripts to simulate real-world traffic (1000 requests per second). The API was able to handle the load with average response times of 130ms.